At fsmgallery, Florence, Italy, 15 May - 12 June

On 15th May at 7.30pm at the fsmgallery, the curator Marinella Paderni will chose which three projects will share 2,000 euro prize monies.

368 artists presented photographic and video projects on the theme of perception of history and collective memory. The exhibition is based on an idea suggested by the curator Marinella Paderni, and is a collaboration between Fondazione Studio Marangoni and Celeste Network.

Selection of 10 finalists projects by Giovanna Calvenzi (photo editor), Daniele De Luigi (curator) and George Tatge (photographer).

Opening / Prizegiving 15th May at 7:30pm
Via San Zanobi 19r
Florence – Italy

Exhibition dates: May 15 _ June 12, 2012
Gallery opening hours: Monday to Saturday 3pm to 7pm or by appointment.
Catalogue available at the exhibition.

"We know that the memory industry is in its own way forgetful; collective memory today is more and more instantaneous, short-lived, at times finding it hard even to remember what has just passed. We are all veterans of the recent collapse of utopias and great ideological narratives, immersed in an endless and forgetful present driven by our media age. We live in this timeless condition, inventing paradoxically new technologies to ‘store’ memories, to build networks of shared memory, to eternalize and store every bit of experience, transforming all this human material in new forms of storytelling: open stories in the process of being written, made not to reach a definitive historicization. Art reacts to this unusual form of phenomenology by activating ‘counter-memory’ practices and inventing new devices of storytelling through the exploration and potential inherent in archives.”
-  Marinella Paderni

10 Selected projects

The immobility of tree
by Patrizia Bonardi (Italy)

'I Used To Watch Snooker With My Grandad'
by Dave Farnham (UK)
by Fotoromanzo italiano (Italy)

Armenie ville
by Claudio Gobbi (Germany)

The Ghost of History: On (Collective) Memory, Light, and Vision
by Emily Martinez (USA)

Bleaching memory
by Kavit Mody (India)

Angiolina detta "Sputaci"
by Caterina Pecchioli (Italy)

Saluti e baci n.1
by Marta Primavera (Italy)

by Enrique Ramirez (Chile)

by Greg Sand (USA)

beyondmemory is Celeste's forth annual theme exhibition for members, and follows Producing Censorship Milan and New York (2011), Expectations in Berlin and New York (2010) and Dependtendency in Venice (2009).