Daniela Cantergiani was born in Bologna on August 1, 1963, she works and lives in Castel Maggiore (BO), an artist trained with a self-study path, she has already successfully participated in many competitions and exhibitions, obtaining a placet of the public and critics and several awards to international level. Artist with a predominant language between geometric and metaphysical abstractionism, he has two works registered in the collection of the artists chosen by Vittorio Sgarbi, his works are published in several art catalogs and magazines.
Always fascinated by contemporary art, in the plurality of its languages, up to the writing, publishing two books of fiction and poetry. In particular, since 2013 his painting has been his favorite field of action, according to the demands of an expressionism linked to a direct epiphany, not mediated by a preparatory sketch, but a filiation of an extemporaneousness that relies on the creative action tout court, in parallel to what happens for its poetic or narrative vein.
How much from the poem, so much from the pictorial works it emerges the desire to express the intense relationship of love lived by the author, that is shown to us as the intersection of two souls that meet completing themselves, becoming the inseparable from the other . The essentiality of human features, embedded within a geometric abstractionism in the background, raises the intimate and personal feeling of love to a universal concept of the love experienced and experienced by each of us.