I was selected for a Finalist Award sponsored by the CFA Circle Foundation for the Arts in France January this year.
I was awarded "Mondrian Prize" at the Piet Mondrian contest 2015.

I have been continued my creative artist activities in both Japan and abroad,
produced over 5000 artworks, including 2 wall paintings of 14.5 meter wide x 4.5 meter hight,
posters and CD jackets,etc.

I met a few people who told me the followings:
" I will be sucked in while I am watching Pipit art. "
"The more I see the more I appreciate"
" I have never seen such an artwork "
" Pipit's pictures are contained of the mind/spirit."
" Pipit is born to be an artist. "
" Lines and combination of colors have an aesthetic sense"

Why is such a picture born?
There are painters who draw with the aesthetic sensitivity of the child
like Kiyoshi Yamashita & Henri Rousseau.
Their knowledge does not disturb the sensitivity. They express emotion freely like children.

After Japanese characters and mother nature overlapped and collaborated, as the soul beats,
and then my art was born from the feeling squeezed out from my soul
A few spiritual people told that I am a soul painter.
My favourate artists are Joan Milo , Wassiy Kandinsky, Jean-Michel Basquiat.
They are painters who draws not as a type but with the sensitivity of a children's pure mind.
Their Knowledge does not disturb the sensitivity,
and they expresses sensitivity in freedom without disturbing sensitivity.
I feels that they express their art from their souls.
Great nature always influences my art, and I create my art from the beat of the soul.

My favorite thing to do as a child was to draw pictures.
My childhood dream was to become a wizard.
I realize now that the dream came true in my art world because I am, like a wizard,
freely making, mixing and creating magical worlds in my work.

While living in New York city, I had the opportunity to make 5 sole exhibitions,
and I received 3 awards.
I made a dozen of sole exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

Every year I travel France, Italy, Mediterranean area.
In 2018 I stayed in Rome, town of my previous life.The memory of the soul was revived.
Summer in 2017, I was in Aix en Provence, place of the Modern art's father Paul Cezanne.
I feel genuine artistic sensitivity in this town as a holy ground of the artist.
I created my new type of artworks. I enjoy making my works with artistic sense.
I travel around Japan by my camping car to create my artwork.

I always create when I am in a zone; I must feel the pulse
of my soul – I call it ‘pulse-ism’.

I hope you will enjoy my artworks.

Thank you.