Vito Difilippo was born in Monopoli on May 20th, 1988. He currently lives in Santeramo in Colle, his hometown and the birthplace of his artistic identity.

His biographical path intertwines with his artistic attitudes, experimented since his adolescence with abstract and pop art first, and contemporary art later. His natural inclination towards visual art, graphic design and advertising has played constantly a central role in his career: an early version of a digital processing software, received as a gift at the age of twelve, has marked the artist's entrance in the digital world.

If his first works constitute a self-taught exploration of oil painting, collage and sculpture, Vito Difilippo’s art finds full expression in what the artist defines as “conceptual and urban” artworks, realised with acrylic on canvas, wood and cardboard. Each artwork becomes the expression of a primitive and instinctive technique, where the visual impact aims to depict emotions, feelings, vices and flaws of contemporary society.

Difilippo’s art is made of wood, rusted iron, paper, paperboard, oil and acrylic colours: the purpose is to show the continuous experimentation of concepts and techniques that can be unique and highly recognizable. Although the individuality of each creation, the contrast between simple lines and the concept-idea at their basis makes his artworks all related to each other.

The visual impact emerging from the antithesis between the concept-idea and the graphic minimalism creates an essential disturbance that stimulates curiosity and reflection in the observer, and realizes the expressiveness of the whole artistic journey: the pursuit of harmony, great absent in contemporary society.