Tensions and fractures that produce harmony

Experimentation on different supports and with different materials has led me to conceive of art as of the purest definition of creativity.
This experiment is the result of numerous attempts to reach a unity of forms and colours, levels and surfaces,
tensions and fractures (whose interaction aims to produce) and a play of lights and shapes which aim to produce harmony.
I couldn’t help associating my experiment to the events societies around the world must undergo nowadays.
Tensions, fractures, colour differences, lights and shadows…are all intended to create an equilibrium which will make human life possible.
Societies that have different political systems, practice different religions and manage the same needs and fears of their population do all they can to keep an equilibrium which could be the “todo modo” to allow their existence.
However, this experimentation reveals that something “pure” and unreachable escapes societies’ control, which have hard times therefore they keep showing atrocity, lack of equilibrium, oppression and…death.
This is what art, meant as pure creativity, should do in my opinion: pursue the unreachable and unveil a creative power which by simulating the absurd will escape custom and so remain pure and genuine. A creative power aimed producing harmony and equilibrium between tensions and fractures which burden societies, and so the human soul, and at giving us a new man…a new society.