Kensuke Saito, a Berlin-based artist, was born in 1978, Tokyo, Japan.
He was born with a severe hearing disability, therefore, he naturally depended on visual information more than anything else. Non handicapped people tend to learn languages and words by listening to their family and friends speak. This was very difficult for Saito. However, this enabled him to develop his visual skills and talents further. By the time he was in junior high school, he had gained a strong interest in visual arts. He began to study art and pursue his expression of his images. He soon realized that his interest was shifting towards graphic design. His interest in processing information into a design, later led him to study graphic design at Kuwasawa Design Institute (Tokyo, Japan). Gradually, the element of graphic design started to appear in Saito's artwork.
In 2012, he moved to Paris and soon again relocated himself to Berlin in 2015. The nature he encountered through his relocation to Europe has definitely influenced Saito's work. The organic elements from nature are merged with his graphic design elements, and his works evolved into a new stage.