Vinícius Cardoso
Journalist and art videographer.
Creator of the worldwide awarded video dance series "Crushing Weight" and "Conspiratory Visions Of Blue", in 2015.
In 2016, launched "Antropófagos", a videodance recorded in Oca, a work by Oscar Niemeyer. As well as the film "Tree of Oblivion", a choreography by Jorge Garcia for the Balé of the City of São Paulo, in 2016
Vinícius drived a documentary about "Museu Dançante", project based on the residency of São Paulo Dance Company at MAM, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, in 2016.
Directed the site-specific "Contour", in 2014, next to the choreographer Rafael Gomes, adding video projections to performance for the "nuit blanche" in São Paulo.
This director also made videos and advertising campaigns for beauty and fashion brands such as Vogue Brazil, M.A.C, Marie Claire, L’Occitane.