I am an ambitious artist, constantly looking for inspiration and creative ways of self-expression. At the beginning of my career I was into marine art, landscapes, floral art and many other styles.
Since moving to Toronto my artistic growth got strongly influenced by intensive city vibes. With the time I noticed a dramatic rearrangement of the way I comprehend the world around me, emotions, and experiences. I realized that only surrealistic abstract expression was helping me to transform my inner voice into a message.
I tend to sit and just look at my previous paintings. I am going through every detail on the canvas, every shade of colour, every move my hands did. I love these paint strokes. They are so sensitive. And I am trying to understand what was inside myself and how it was directing me towards the creation of particular artwork. Even though I know what emotions and experiences I was expressing, I always feel the presence of something unknown on the canvas. So I keep coming back to the painting, looking at it over and over. I realize that there is much more of me hidden between those shapes than I even thought. Unknown. It beckons me and follows me through every new piece of art that I'm working on.