Doina (Popescu) is a self-taught Romanian artist born in Bucharest in 1970. She has been living for many years with her family in Belgium.

Nature, human feelings and spirituality are her main sources of inspiration. Despite her university studies in Mathematics and PR, she has cultivated her creativity for many years in various sectors and in 2016 she started painting. Her work is instinctive, colourful and animated by a fecund imagination which starts working inside her even before finishing a painting.

Free spirit, she is particularly fond of abstract - acrylic, a combination that allows her to paint according to her inspiration, wherever this may lead. She likes using various techniques and materials to get the texture for her paintings: wood, lace, Japanese paper, gold mica flakes, coarse purnice gel etc.

The themes of her paintings come mostly during her meditation sessions. Her creation is about our connection with the world outside us…and with the one inside us. She thinks the painter is an explorer and the art is an enlightening journey leading us to ancestral memories waiting to be re-discovered. She also thinks there is much more around us than our eyes can see and the artist has the duty to see beyond things and reveal what is hidden to our senses.

She has exhibited in Italy, Belgium and United States of America. Her paintings hang in private collections in Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden and Romania.

Enjoy Doina's artwork…and remember we are all surrounded by beauty and art…we are never alone!

FB: 2nArt
Yahoo: dodo_06_ro
She has a non-exclusive representation contract with Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York