I am a female photo-artist, born in The Hague (NL) (1972) and from an early age fascinated by photography and the magic dark room. During my childhood I moved almost every two years. I enjoyed the novelty of new surroundings and new people and thought it to be quite an adventure. This clearly is one of my character traits; being curious, always asking questions and embarking on the journey to uncover possible answers. During my early twenties I started to travel and live abroad for about ten years, working as an outdoor and scuba instructor. Being adventurous I pushed the boundaries during scuba diving, which ultimately let to a forced change of carrier. This journey let me back to an old love; photography.

Although I work with photographic processes, I am not a photographer in any traditional sense. Rather, I create installations that are a result of me being curious and philosophical. If everything is relative, it should also be possible to apply it to photography when presenting the images. The philosophical and experimental approach keep challenging me to be daring and look at things differently.