CIRKOLOCO ARTE in Florence was born as an idea of ​​exhibition space for all those artists a bit 'out of their mind that create absurd, dreamlike works thinking and operating outside the conventional aesthetic norms.
CIRKOLOCO ARTE offers the possibility for artists to be able to exhibit their works within the spaces of the social bar at EXFILA. The exhibitions will have a duration of 25 days and a small management cost including painting and installation, the percentage of sales will be 10%, but only on works with a value of over € 300.

The Cirkoloco bar is run by people with mental illness and volunteers from the Bottega del Tempo association, with the aim of promoting the therapeutic work of the young people who are reintegrating into work.

Cirkoloco is a space for EXHIBITIONS, CONCERTS, EVENTS
Cirkoloco is a stage for TALENTI and non-aligned brains
Cirkoloco is a cultural LAB
Cirkoloco is a trampoline for the EMANCIPATION of people with mental illness

The Exfila building is an aggregation space, in which to promote sociality, active citizenship, meeting between generations and culture. An auditorium for concerts, projections, theater and meetings of art, music and yoga classes. The bar / café is managed by CIRKOLOCO and is equipped with free wifi and overlooking a porch and a courtyard.
Inside the offices of the associations are also found:
Consorzio Metropoli, Artemisia Association, Hasta video, Nova radio, Officine Sonore music school, MEDU doctors for human rights, Ninux, Giocozona, Nuances in act- theater, exfilalab coworking.

Cirkoloco C / o EXFILA FIRENZE -

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