Roswitha A. Eisenbock
Painting and Graphics (Drawings)

“Art is the most magnificent way to create something new”
From her childhood days on, Roswitha A. Eisenbock used pencils and Indian ink for portrait and animal drawings. Until this day, those tools play an essential role in her works. They are frequently combined with acrylic, gouache, watercolour, and oil paint, as well as pastel and oil pastel chalk. She has also kept her love for figurative subjects. They are constantly combined with new and experimental techniques.

Her mentor for a large number of techniques was Prof. Hannes Baier. Roswitha A. Eisenbock completed the Leonardo Art Academy Salzburg (art studies and master class) and the studio studies for painting with Prof. Christian Ludwig Attersee – earning the degree of “Master of Attersee”.

National and International Exhibitions in Paris, Cannes, Ibiza, Budapest, Monaco, Vienna (selection).

In 2011 Roswitha A. Eisenbock founded the Paint Academy of Lower Austria. Participants can relish new artistic themes and refined techniques in the individual drawing classes, the diploma course, and the master class.

“Time and space seize to exist, once I immerse myself in my paintings.”