I was born November 27, 1956 in Rome. The first of three children, perhaps the fruit of that famous snowfall, from a family of peasant origins coming from a small village of ciociaria, or rather from Alvito (FR). My father, a strong and tenacious man ready to get whatever what, my mother is a good housewife and mother of a family, dedicated to raising children. Since I was a child, I've always been attracted to nature, from places, monuments, and sunsets.
Perhaps the artistic side of my character, of my mood, showed itself in me. I did not go very well at school, not because I was not intelligent ...
I simply did not apply myself, except for the drawing, where even there, though I did not excel, I had a certain passion; I was very busy but even this was not enough. Since you could not go to school to study a single subject, the result was that the second year of rejection in middle school my father sent me to learn a trade ... and then goodbye to drawing. Until after six years of work at the age of eighteen, I went to work in a barber shop in the meadows area, in Rome, which was frequented by great masters of painting, including Luigi Montanarini, Sante Monachesi and Sandro Trotti.
I also participated in their exhibitions and slowly I was awakened the passion for art and the desire to start doing some pictorial work.
Unfortunately, the opportunities were few because of my work commitments and my private life. Until after about a year of marriage, at the age of twenty-six, I felt the need to transmit my thoughts, my moods on paper and canvas, and so I cut out spaces to fulfill my wishes. In my works I have used all the types of coloring: pencils, pens, felt-tip pens, wax, tempera, enamel, products of nature, never taking inspiration from any artist, even if I admire his masterpieces.
In short, I tried to be myself, in my own little way, in my self-taught way of creating, putting all my passion and my commitment, as indeed in everything I've done in my life, always keeping in mind my technical limits.
I hope to find some admirers of my work.