A multidisciplinary artist and producer dedicated to explore new art forms through artistic collaborations
Founder of kulturscio’k Live art collective
Alessia lives in paris actually resident with medea’s Visions in menagerie de verre paris
Her work is based on theater but becomes a full dialogue in the arts with visual art , photography , contemporary art , music , dance .
Her performances and shows have been seen in nyc ( whee she studied and got a fellowship ) in Naples Turin Paris ( venues festival colline torinesi , madre museum Naples and different festivals )
Founder of kulturscio’k Live art collective and creator of kulturfactory residential program alessia is engaged in supporting other artists work through a full program of residencies and events organized to allow artists to express their work independently from a system that is globalized and not always fare.
Mottos are
Shocking art through art
Imagination is the beginning of creation

In madre museum j ai brûlé dans yes brûle from the Wim
Wenders movie Paris, Texas
Medea’s visions with artist Valerio berruti’s Work is a project in creation in paris « ménagerie de verre »