He was born on October the 8. 1972. and lived in Paris for first seven years of his life., where he had shown his first inclinations to the fine Arts.
During his Primary and Secondary education he continued develop his artistic expression, and got his first awards.
Year 1993 he enrolled at School of Fine and Applied Arts, level A in Belgrade.
During that period he exposed his paintings at auction exhibition in Stara Pazova under surveillance of custodian Nikola Kusovac.
Year 1994 he took part in student’s exhibitions and in charitable exhibition for disabled veterans.
In 1995 he took part in famous painter’s colony Prohor Pcinjski, as a representative (chosen bay his mentor Dragana Milosavljevic) of Belgrade’s Art College of Fine and Applied Arts. The same year he graduated at mentioned College.
1996 and 1997 he attended special College for painters named Sumatovacka and
exhibited his works at annual exhibit.
Year 1998 he became a student of Academy of Fine Arts and Conservation, section -conservation and wall paintings, and he finished the academy in 2002.