The artist was born 29 December in Tripolis-Lebanon.
He moved to Italy in 1990.
At the age of seven he received from his cousin, his best gift ever .. A box with oil tubes and brushes..
That day was very significant for his interest in art and growing and has never stopped from that day.
Most of his childhood and young age he experienced during a bloody civil war for fifteen years.
This experience has created in him a character in his important and meaningful way to express himself in his painting very expressive and violent at times, but full of harmony and feelings and love on the other side ..
In Lebanon, he studied architectural design, and finished his studies in 1986 and then studied privately the art of calligraphy.
In 1993 he completed his studies at the Art Institute of Florence in graphic design and photography, and the Academy of fine Arts in Florence in drawing, engraving and Art history.
His works can be divided into different periods and different series of works.

I do part of the NEUTRAL-ISM mouviment group that estabilished by Francesco Perilli .