Florin Preda-Dochinoiu

Born December 15, 1970, the village Damian Sadova village, Dolj County .
1990 - first software in the daily "Word of Liberty" to work "condition creator;
Book illustrations
1996 - Constantin Preda, "crying, secret flower of death";
1998 - Alex Gregory, "Angel and Chinoviarhul"
1998 - Constantin Preda, "hire me, kiss;
1998 - Alex Gregory, "Maru-King";
1999 - Constantin Preda, "I loved soldierlike with love a whole regiment;
1999 - at the Cultural Foundation "gorgeous bird and Foundation Publishing House" Constantin Brancusi "of Tg. Edit album graphics Jiu FLORIN PREDA - DOCHINOIU, 2001 - Lazarus Cârjan, Nicholas Bitu Marian frightened, "Romanian Conversation Guide, Roma (Gypsies) in speech brazier;
2001 - Lazarus Cârjan Marian frightened, Stephen Red, Johnny Christ, the "Romanian Conversation Guide, Roma (Gypsies), the word spoitoresc"
2001 - Marian frightened, "The charge of Prunariu"
2002 - Alex Gregory, "Doktor grass * Grace Danubian angel"

2002 - at the Foundation, the Romanian writings Craiova edit album graphics and painting, DOCHINOIU "

2003 - Constantin Preda, "Melopee for Anita;
2006: Nicolas Constantine, the sacred smile "
2007: Constantin Preda, "Mother, most beautiful smile of God"

1995 - Award for contribution to the knowledge of Jose Marti in Romania, granted diplomatic Latin American Group;
1998 - Award for book illustration argheziană granted Creation of Gorj County Center;
2000 - Honorary Diploma, awarded by the General Police Inspectorate;
2000 - Honorary Diploma, awarded by the Culture House Motru city.
2003 - Excellence Award, given Gorj Mirror newspaper.
2006 - Honorary Diploma, awarded by the Association of Artistic Paris Prefecture of Police;
2007 - Award for painting graphics and, for 2006, awarded by the City Hall Motru;
2010 - Prize for graphics Brasov