Enrique Moya González was born in Madrid in 1979. Before his graduation in Fine Arts he goes to Bologna and falls for the Italian reality. He is graduated in University of Fine Arts in Cuenca (Castilla La Mancha) and in 2008 moves to Arezzo where he creates a drawing school focusing on the search of the artistic side, from where he keeps on sharing his personal work.

Evaluation of his first-personal work
"Sometimes I reinvent myself"... This may be the quality that gives my work its peculiarity: a non-specific definition. I cannot say for sure whether they are drawings, photographs, paintings, prints, transfers or similar. I believe they are (just like me) a host of things already experienced. Re-assembled materials and concepts. The line that separates them is very weak and of difficult concretion.

My own key for reading
The main key for reading my works, is starting to talk about a specific concept (which also affects the names of the works. View Names)
Each reader must find their own key as if it was a game that mutates and reacts with the drawings, and these, at the same time, relate with the words etc. A kind of diagram.

Dimensions and Materials
The work dimensions rely on the media (and the objects that you have around). The largest production is made out of Hahnemühle paper (85% cotton_15% linen, the artist’s personal partner) with dimensions of 1m by 90 centimeters. Other productions are made on paper from 1600, 1700, 1800 ... Along with a wide range of materials, for example: watches, rings, iron, nails, changing depending on measures of the paper and the objects found.