He’s a poet, a writer and artist. O many national poetry competitions and art exhibitions and received important pricez.
After a fruitful experience in the field of poetry and fiction, during two years he published three books and obtained important prizes and flattering remarks. He devotes himself to the visual art too.
His works are a sort of “mini-constructions”, a combination of objects and poetry, and they express a philosophical message.
The meaning and value of life, the sense of reality, the difficulties of the human being are the main topics that represent the Guidolin’s artistic world.
Using different objects and materials, he archieves his ainu: a correct participation to the aesthetic requirements of the time and the communication of important messages.
Differentely from ather artists of the XX century, Guidolin, who left this century behind him, wants to be understood by the public and create a particular system of communication in a very direct, but original way.