Milena Sgambato lives and works in Milan,

Graduated at Brera Academy of Fine Arts of Milan in 2008.

2011-2017 her works was exhibited in many art fair and galleries of contemporary art: E23 Gallery (Napoli), Art’s events (Torrecuso-Benevento) , Costantini art gallery (Milano), Original global art (Stockholm-Svezia), Ufofabrik (Moena-Trento), Circoloquadro (Milano), Spazio Oberdan (Milano).

In 2015 she was one of the winner for a Trophy in the LICC( London International Creative Competition).

In 2013 her works was exhibited in the “Arcos” Museum of Contemporary Art of Benevento.

In 2011 she was one of the artists of the 54th Venice Biennial (Campania Region) for the Italian Pavilion.