Born at Ornago (MI) in 1962, graduate in philosophy, he approaches art painting in the early eighties for taking, successively, a deeper
look into colors’ matter, transparency and visual perception. Works produced between 1985 and 1990, most belonged to those personal
researches and some of them can be considered tributes to artists and aesthetic thinkers known and faced as well as formal context
demanded. The last decade is characterized by researches towards the Matter and the using of raw and poor materials, mostly recycled
(plastic, policarbonate, metal leaf, woods). After some artistic parenthesis dedicated to natural imaginary and some revisited works
concerning previous plastic combustions and fusions, the latest productions are pertaining to recovery the object in its material value.
Works of recent years reveal, at least in artist’ intentionality, an approaching and confronting to the artistic matter in a disenchanted style,
playful and ironic at the same time. The recovery of hairpieces elements from common use and integrated and fused in a artworks,
symbolize a recovery of a happy oasis, closed to a pre-rational and and pre-historical emotive universe typical of child approach to realty.
Otherwise a private space where the artist can draws from his job such satisfaction and fun as well as aesthetic researches move from inner freedom to join own his destiny.

Various collective and personal exhibitions and partecipations to many international prizes
(Finalist and Winner of Em’Arte 2010 - international prize sponsored by Tuscany Region and placed in Castellina Marittima)

address: Via crocefisso, 8 - Ornago (MI)
mobile: 348/6013615
mobile: 3894795898