Class '66, is Swiss-born, but from the age of six years living in Italy, in Giffoni Valle Piana. Moved by artistic stimuli from an early age, he projected his studies towards them, until you come to Rome to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has also taken part in several Awards of Art and found acclaim and critical praise, by the market and by important personalities, for completeness and, above all, for social issues that his works deal. Curious and eclectic mood, Tedesco was overlooking several basins of thinking, approaching styles and techniques often at odds with each other. But it is in the figurative that his spirit is satisfied more; he confronts him both paint, alternating with security including oils, acrylics, chalk and charcoal, working on canvas, paper and wood; both in sculpture, which adopts plaster, bronze and resin; both in photography and graphic design, creating interesting collage and décollage. With careful and critical eye, Tedesco observes what is happening around. Not to-deviates from this, to try imaginative shelters, but faces it with both hands. In the wake of Raymond Hains and Mimmo Rotella, he creates works-complaint, the result of his reflections against a society that all too often oppresses, censorship, denigrates and debases the past all hope, Tedesco is, however, an optimist, believes in the near in the future and freedom of choice, and invites us to do the same, starting from the purest values.

Vittorio Sgarbi