Art for Paola Ruggiero is the mysterious magic that allows a person to body forth his inspiration, A sort of alchemical process in which the feminine resumes her place, which had been usurped during the times of patriarchy,
Ruggiero in her paintings realizes the image and recounts it, by means of symbols, to the observer.

In this way the mount becomes a sort of warp, where the material constructs the woof and the weaving where the composition will create a tapestry that is fascinating much in the way frescoes are when corroded by time and weather.

This effect of an archaeological find is reflected in the show “Inside the circle”, that Ruggiero had in mystical Assisi in 2008. In these most recent paintings, the material of the mount has been refined, lightened; we no longer have the rough surface that was a visual echo of plaster wrecked by corrosion. The material in these last paintings is simply a light cloudy tonality that allows us to glimpse the form; the effect is of a phenomenon that is a go-between, halfway between the reality of the observer and the irreality of what is represented.