Since I was a child I was interested in communication, arts, films, adv. I studied in Italy, experienced in video & photography in Europe. In 2001, with Matteo Damiani, I get into documentary filmaking “Overloaded Beijing” starring Jia Zhangke, Golden Lion 2006. In 2002 we created We worked on documentary, lightshows. For Jennifer Gentle, first italian band to sign a contract with SubPop, we worked on 3 videoclips. Since 2004 we organize BigScreen Festival, 3 times in Italy, 2 in China. We shooted “I Love you, I protect you” & “The Stubborn Mosquito” for PSl american ONG. In 2007 we organized Jennifer Gentle China Tour. From 2008/2009 we realize “Cina Magazine” SpreaEditori. In April 2009 I started a new project "Planet China" a digital magazin about art, architecture, cinema, design, trends from the new China.