Painting, scenography, sculpture, illustration, graphic, photography and music have
always been part of my professional and artistic experience.

I followed my natural talent for graphic arts gaining a diploma at the senior high
school specializing in an artistic education and then carrying on with my studies at
the Academy of Fine Arts with a specialization in scenography.

Since senior high school, I have undertaken painting and graphic activities in
different sectors from decoration for private and public institutions, to the copy
of classical work of art and paintings also on commissions of different kind. I have
also been in charge of the styling and graphic illustration of commercial logos and brands.

While studying at the Academy of Fine arts I started working as a Theatre/TV/
Cinema set designer for ten years, working both at the design and at the production.
After this work experience I decided to focus exclusively on my individual artistic
path, made of works of art developed with different means and expression
techniques. Heterogeneous and always attentive to propose a strong visual impact,
rich in elements to bring up for discussion.