Marco Fracassa aka Marcheffe graduates with honors in Cinema at University of Bologna, also having a two university year course of screenplay in Cimes; then he decides to specialize in Photography at the Richard Bauer of Milan, performing the internship with photographer Francesco Jodice.
Then he moves to Rome and obtaines a diploma in Direction of Photography at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography in Rome, the course directed by Giuseppe Rotunno.
Participates in several films, documentaries and short films as cinematographer and camera operator, including the film Dogme95 No. 61 Evoque Reality Show.
As filmmaker he realizes the documentary Mugello GP, in competition at the Libero Bizzarri Festival, Oltretempo section in 2008, while with his short Magnetic Kidz wins the Rome International Film Fest 2007 as "best short films made with mobile phone".
As a freelance photographer he works in fashion, events and magazines including the Japanese Voce published by Kodansha, for which he officially follows the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in his European performance in London, Paris, Madrid, Rome and Berlin.
He currently lives in Berlin.