Elisa Spaniards was born in Livorno in 1973, where he currently lives and in 1992 he graduated at the Art Institute of Lucca Passaglia in section off plastic decoration. subsequently studied in the archeological restoration and met the maestro Ferruccio Mataresi pupil of Pietro Annigoni. This experience would help to allow her to gain deep insights in the illustration and the color techniques. In 2000 participates for the first time the contest founded by "Knights of art" in 2003 first personal exhibition "Dimensions of the soul" at the exhibition halls of the Palace of constituency 3 of Livorno, under the vision of Dr. l. Turtur; also participates Art award "Woman of peace for the future" where she arrived in second prize-catalogue, purchase of the Opera by the province of Livorno and review of M.P. winspeare. in 2006 the exhibition halls at Kino Dessè in Livorno, edited by dott.c.Olivieri and enter the contest, organized by SEETAL Kunstforuinternational definition do the first abstract painting section Prize, catalogue and publishing the journal with review of Future 2008 she participated in the XXVI Prix Florence-Visual Arts with the exposure of the Opera on the Web; and parteciped in the Art Expo in Salzburg with the Kunst-forum-international. in 2009 parteciped Exposition d'art international at the Galerie le Patio Mandelieu La Napoule (Cannes). in 2010 publication on Art Collectibles-painters and sculptors of 900