I started drawing at an extremely young age and moved from realistic work over the years, including portraiture, to a surrealistic style and finally into an abstract style.
With a wide range of experience to draw from, the artwork became an expression of emotional state and evolution.

More about my background:
I started painted in oils at the age of eight and sold pastel and charcoal portraits from the age of fourteen. I used the profits from my portrait sales to fund private art lessons with two professional artists on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Their styles differed vastly, one was a realistic painter with a semi-tight style that concentrated on portraits in her main areas of interest. The other artist painted in a vivid, complementary colour scheme style that was loose and vibrant.
My mature style integrates both approaches into itself in different ways. Other artists that I was very influenced by were H.R. Giger, Salvadore Dali and Gervaso Gallardo.

Another obvious aspect in my artwork is the similarity to Indian art. This had developed naturally as time went on and led me to question my own roots. Upon investigation I found out in my early twenties that my great grandmother was a Cree indian in Manitoba. What I found interesting about this is that I developed the style with no exposure to their art or culture leading me to believe that something like this could be in the blood somehow.

I have a blog and an artist website as well if you want to see more of my artwork.