Derek Evans is a Montreal based artist. For the past several years, he has been working on a series of photographs which explore cellular and sub-cellular biology, the landscape of the human body, and the landscape of the skies.
The process by which he develops these photographs is both work-intensive and unique. Each individual piece begins as a sculpture, which he constructs from a composite of waxes, resins and glues. These sculptures are then backlit using a variety of lights and are then captured by taking a series of extremely close-up pictures. He is then left with literally hundreds and hundreds of detailed shots.
In the next step, he sorts through these pictures, and then stitches selected photographs together (using Photoshop) in order to create a single large-scale, highly detailed image. Because of the abstract nature of the original sculpture, these final images often bring to mind aspects of the human body such as (for example), the heart, the womb, and the kidney. In some other cases, the image may recall clouds, lava, or the celestial expanses of outer space. In the final step, he prints the completed image as a chromogenic colour print or C-print.