My practice is largely site specific and interdisciplinary, with a focus on the potential for engagement in transient spaces such as supermarket checkouts, lobbies, queues and street corners.
My work often starts from an architectural and sociological point of view and materializes into subtle and discrete urban interventions which floats between the fields of conceptual, new media and public art.
These interventions aim at reconsidering the passers-by’s social role through the promotion of critical thinking within such transient and often underestimated sites.
This is done through a ‘tactic’ of suspension, in which the passer-by takes part in an incomplete and unresolved scenario where it acknowledges its responsibility to plan and design alternative social arrangements.
This process of staging social happenings challenges the notion of audience as a remote analyst, interpreter or perceiver through the subversion (or even inversion) of the roles of human and machine, producer and consumer, teacher and student, etc. And by placing the audience in this space ‘in-between’ they are offered the opportunity to become active agents in the creative process and in redefining social conventions and hierarchies.