Having been raised on a sail boat and being both an avid sailor and an committed artist living in New York City, Maia Marinelli exists in constant a flux between the irresistible vastness of the open seas and the intensity of a concrete jungle. In this borderline her work attempts to bridge the cultural disconnect between the urban landscape and the natural landscape, navigating between conceptual activist practices and atmospheric interactive installations were the ordinance must physically relate with their surroundings.

She is currently working on a series mechanized data visualization kinetic sculptural environments that react to and mutate with meteorological changes. Her current research is inspired by the relationship between the rapidly changing meteorological patterns of the Arctic territories and the growing controversial phenomenal of “Arctic land rush”, land appropriation and land rights of the UN’s Arctic territories.

Maia Marinelli holds an MFA from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program in New York, and she received her BFA in Theater and film set design at the Fine Art Academy of Florence, Italy. Her work has been featured at SXSW, LACMA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa Italy, the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York, Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art and Biennial of Mediterranean Artists. Her experience has included activist work and photojournalism working with “Colors Magazine International”, “Journal of Visual Anthology” and “Diario” to name a few.