Alessandro Zelger is a artist who love to dig again and again in his own life experiences to discover existential answers which may (or may not) tone up his spirit
The spirit of his work is in line with the thought of the Masters of the absurd literature and absurd theater: Eugene Ionesco, Daniil Kharms, Boris Vian, Guillaume Apollinaire, Albert Camu (existentialism), but also Kafka, Pirandello etc are all his favorite writers
In his works Kafka keep asking him self “where are we going, to what are we submitted, what is the law” ….The grotesque and absurd characters of Alessandro Zelger’s pictures are not looking for refuge in a romantic-phantastic world but looking for answers and solutions in a chaotic world …Like in the words of Camu “Absurdity is caused by the confrontation of man, who has a desperate wish for clarity, within a world that is irrational”
So Alessandro work is a kind of analysis of fear to the unknown (as negative aspect) but also analysis of the essential pleasures (as positive aspect) that this strange world can offer……again with Camu words: “However absurd life may be, however unsatisfactory may be human experience, all living people are privileged. Some of our simple activities give us pleasure”
The perception and the comprehension of this contest is represented in magnificent way from his work where small cartoon-monsters are moving or levitating in a confuse and intricate background.。。。。The bamboo pen in his able hands let flow and spread black ink on paper in a powerful way to give us images of resonant, human whimsy and mystery that are always delightful to behold, The black ink technique he uses can craft an art which is full of energy, sometimes grotesque but human…….This is the world of Alessandro Zelger!!