My art is realized through informal works, I don't use brushes but random casting of colors, collage and assemblages of different materials on paper, canvas or wood supports. I explore the world of emotions through an extensive research of materials, even if different from the ones traditionally used in Fine Arts, such as industrial solvent enamels and the use of visual media including painting, sculptures and installations. I often find myself reflecting on naturalistic themes and on the alienation of city life. These thoughts have generated my cloth, nail, or plastic works on walls or on wood. With the semi-abstract form of a cloth and metal flower, I try to represent the "Feminine" that, due to her natural beauty, can grow also in the cement cracks of the cities. Another theme very interesting for me is Time, considered as physical, intangible and imaginative dimension and therefore measurable only as trace-sign-image that time leaves impressed on objects and bodies. Here the objects of daily use, like a cloth or a mat, become the subject and contents of the work, being a part of the artist's life.


2013 Everyday Alchemy, Galleria Mamo, Milan, by Valeria Modica.

2012 Dream in Art, Dynamic Circuits, Milan, by Lorenzo Argentino.

2010 Sans titre, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, by Etienne de Causans.

2009 In my shoes, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, by Etienne de Causans.

2007 Re-finding-me, Giubbe Rosse, Florence, by Tiziano Scarpa.


2016 Oil factory festival by Monica Scardecchia and Ornella Piluso, Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan.

Donation of a work to the private collection of Libreria Bocca, Milan.

2014 Presence/Absence, Gravina di Puglia, by Anna Soricaro for Fondazione De Nittis, Barletta.

IV Price Rugabella, Villa Rusconi, Castano Primo, by Fabio Carnaghi. finalist

Statement 2014-2 Circoloquadro Gallery, Milan, by Ivan Quadroni.

III Biennale of Asolo, by Giovanni Faccenda, finalist.

The silence, Harar Library, Milan, by Pino Lia.

Murales for Studio-Ra - Pollination London Biennal 2014, Rome.

2013 Emergenz-arte, Villa Farsetti, Venice, by Fabrik-arte.

Sense of Community, Galleria Adiacenze, Bologna, by Silvia Petronici.

2012 Portions of infinity, Galleria Spazio al Bello, Milan, by Susanna Vallebona, catalogue.

The fifth Essence by Anna Soricaro for Fondazione De Nittis, Gravina di Puglia.

2013 Exchange-Exhibition, New Zealand, Plymouth, by Dale Copeland.

CENTOCINQUANTAX150MMX150MM, Venice and itinerant.

Mirages, Gravina di Puglia, by Anna Soricaro.

LIV Biennale, Venice, Italia Building and Torino Palazzo Nervi, by Vittorio Sgarbi, catalogue.

2010 Fils d'Ararat, Marsiglia, Armenia Culture House, by Carole Laura Ecuer.

2009 CDOS and Double Clubs, August Art's Gallery Islington, London.

Ar-t-Cervia International Art Festival, Arcevia, by Massimo Nicotra, catalogue.

2008 The last book, National Library of Argentina.

Women's blanket, Como and itinerant, by Evelina Schaz.

Women at work, A whole day for me - Regional Library Aosta, by Solal, catalogue.

2007 In-via-l'Arte, Vespolate and Novara by Maria Rosa Pividori.

Attention, Florilegio in Leno (Brescia) by Ambrogio Roncadori.

Women at work, The forms of love - Regional Library Aosta, by Solal, catalogue.

2002 Artists pro Ruanda, Palazzina Liberty, Milan, catalogue.


Serena Rossi was born in Milan, on March 6, 1972 and here she lives and works. In 1999 she graduated in pharmacy. In parallel with the scientific studies, she used painting and photography as a means of expression. She attended several courses in visual arts, including the one at Pomodoro Foundation for engraving in 2010, and also various workshop courses starting from 2012. Since 2002 she is actively participating in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Some of her works are permanently exhibited in private and public collections, including the open-air museum in Camo (Cuneo) and Gravina di Puglia and the dynamic museum for peace in Savona. Since 2012 the artist is present with her poems in various Italian anthologies and other publications regarding contemporary poetry. She has already received several awards for them and she was also awarded with the Neptune for Art and Culture and with the Spartacus Prize for Human Rights. She also published her book of poems entitled "Nel divenire calmo dell'infinito" ed. Caosfera. In early 2016 she published a second book with poems as "e-book" - Ho chiesto al mare di piangere -.