It develops the acquire professional competences, in the carrying out of the activity of teacher of "Theory of the perception and psychology of the form" near the Accademia di Belle Arti Lorenzo da Viterbo, of Viterbo, from 2004 and in government different Institutes of superior secondary education.
From 2001 it has beginning her activity expositive.
To the artistic search it places side by side the theoretical activity on the study of the visual perception. Subsequently it realizes a project on the study of the body in photo and the dominant ones of colour of the artificial light realizing various colour photographic jobs. Subsequently it deepens the studies on enigma and metaphysics and it produces numerous photographic jobs in black and white. Progressively it begins her search on the mixture of the connected expressive languages to visual perception, hybrid, androgynous, chimera and "not representation."
Currently its search occupies him over that of photo, of the new languages of the art, in particular way of the new technologies and the digital video.