My work is mostly landscape-based water colours. Land goes through tremendous changes. Urbanization is historically inevitable. Humans interfere when nature integrate and disintegrate.
Rulers pass through, dynasties apparate and dissipate while conflict and harmony play the game of 'hide and seek' throughout history. After years of wars and cultural transformations, the architectural skin of the land has been layered with numerous stories. Fossils conjure the living presence of the ancient. Incessant time transforms dead trees into coal and sometimes even into diamonds. Similarly memories recalled transport us into the world of myths and legends. We are the part of an ongoing ‘shadow play’ of erasure and excavation of these memories. Life as we feel it arises and passes away. But the spirit of a place remains as the silent witness.
Tools of the land emanate its history. Various devices used by heroes as well as ordinary folk are layered in the terrain throughout generations. Same tools once used for farming became weapons later on. Remnants and relics hidden under the epithelial layer breathe in and breathe out memories. But phenomena show certain calmness and dispassion about this human drama repeating endlessly. As an art practitioner I try to be an observer who explores and reflects both the tranquility and the anxiety of the times then and now.