Are born in Francofonte, Lentini (SR), I attended the art school and the Academy of Belle Arti, Catania, I won the second prize in the "1° graphics Award" organized by the municipality of Catania. I participated in various group exhibitions including "image of Liberty in Hong Kong. The art critic Paul Ganesh has cured my personal "I luoghi del Mediterraneo", sponsored by the city of Baltimore. I live and work in Modena where he taught drawing and art history.

Silence and Ecstasy in the cityscape of Sebastian M silent Landscape M represents the muteness of the modern era, through the post-modern dynamics, has deployed new signs of life along roads, buildings, signs, underpasses. In acknowledgement of this glossy Sicilian painter, the new aspect is the determination with which marks and his mob story, with both acid and engraving morsure with dynamic oil sign. In both cases, it seems clear his connection with the creation, almost instinctual and auto-generative and dive action painter "force in" the urban landscape and then pull himself out of it, while waiting for an upcoming news.