Mei Ziqian (Italy, 1973) lives between Cagliari and Rome. His formal education began in 1992 at the ‘Liceo Artistico’ in Cagliari, followed by the London College of Communication and Photofusion (London) and concluded with the BA in Philosophy. Currently he is attending the Master in “Pedagogy of Expression” at RomaTre University.
A versatile artist, he uses architecture as a metaphor to describe the rift existing between man and his relationship with nature, in order to better comprehend how we perceive and are influenced by reality. Through visual imagination and narrative, he endeavors to form new perspectives on society and history. As the main component of all urban landscapes, it is concrete that is responsible for the untamed transformation of nature and landscapes. Mei Ziqian sees it as the key to representing the gap that has opened up between man and nature and the subsequent exploitation of man by man.