Donal Husni was born in Jakarta 23 November 1975, and he began in photography as a hobby in 2002, using only a simple camera because he could not afford a more expensive camera. He has learned about photographic techniques through his own experience and experimentation, and he has never attend any course in photography. He has read books and is deeply influenced by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, whom he views as being the father of photography because of his awesome and superb pieces of art. Also he got a special lesson from his Indonesian favorite photographer Rama Surya.

Since then, Donal has become more deeply engaged in the world of photography, and he has begun to work more seriously. After years of learning in the field, he has decided to focus himself in the photography business.

He has won several photo competitions and also published books of his photography entitled "The Train" which can be found at self-published books online blurb