Evan Polenghi is a product of Milano, Italy and New York City.  His bicultural and bilingual background have encouraged his dedication to continually expanding his horizons and crossing boundaries by exploring other cultures through his art and through his travels. Evan's ongoing contribution is as a creative of unusual artistic diversity, versatility, and innovation in the Fine Arts, with mixed media works that have a sculptural basis, as well as within the Design and Illustration world.  His works have spanned a gamut from large format paintings, to large wood constructions, early works in stone, to paper, pen and ink, and auditorium-sized murals, serious to whimsical.  Evan has had the opportunity to exploit his skills and versatility to complete projects for a wide variety of companies, private entities and organizations with a diverse range of visual needs, from business and adult interest to creating works that capture the attention of children, encourage their participation and convey positive rienforcement to the environment in which they are created. Evan's  educational background in Italy, later in Mamaroneck NY, and at Pratt Institute (B.F.A. with honors) have provided the underpinnings for his foray into many aspects of the world of visual arts.