Born in November 1982 in Kunming, Yunnan, China
Graduated from oil painting department of Si chuan Fine Art Institute in 2009 with a master's degree

Currently, lecturer, School of art and communication, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming

Exhibition experience:

In 2007, the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition won the annual award (Chongqing Art Museum)

Beijing 798 Art Festival theme exhibition "from the center of the generation" - 70 after the art exhibition (Beijing)

China cutting-edge painting Award (Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum)

China Contemporary Art Exhibition (Hongkong)

ANIMAMIX Chinese animation Biennale (MOCA Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art)

ACAF Asia contemporary art exhibition in New York (New York, USA)

The thirty-ninth Basel Art Fair 2008 (Basel, Switzerland)

Korea International Art Fair (Seoul, Korea)

Animation and Aesthetics: contemporary art exhibition I (Beijing, Singapore)

Animation and Aesthetics: Contemporary Art Exhibition II (The National Gallery, Indonesia)

In 2009 the Eleventh National Art Exhibition Chongqing District sending Exhibition (Chongqing Art Museum)

Luo Zhongli 2009 scholarship Exhibition (Chongqing Art Museum)

2013 cloud Red Art Salon (Yunnan Provincial Museum)

The thirteenth Asian Art Festival Exhibition of Fine Arts (Wu Jicheng Hall)

Imagine Unlimited - the young artist program (Beijing China Millennium Monument World Art Center)

"Words of Yunnan" excellent art works exhibition (Yunnan Art Museum)

2014 CLIFTONS Art Award (Hongkong)

"Art for the future" (798 Yue Art Museum, Beijing)

The ninth international cartoon illustration contest for environmental protection (Beijing)

In 2015, 1912. Chen Fanyuan Art Exhibition (Ivey Art Museum)

The eighth session of the national aesthetic education achievement exhibition (Beijing)

The third National Art Exhibition (Beijing)

The second Nanjing International Art Exhibition (Nanjing International Exhibition Center)

In 2016 Chinese Italy exhibition of young artists (the Beijing Art Museum)