Constanze Kratzsch lives and works in Berlin

1984 saw Constanze Kratzsch the light of day. Born and raised in GDR on the island of Rügen. The unknown She brought to Berlin. In her works the Vanitas is paramount. The art of visual poetry. A connection between old and new. Her Visual vocabulary is surreal, Pop Art and Dada moved.
In artistic creation She feel free and created a new world from a different perspective.

Constanze Kratzsch graduated from the New School of Photography Berlin in the photography class
of Christiane Stahl and Eva Maria Ocherbauer.

She also graduated at Linn Schröder
at the Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin.

Constanze Kratzsch was master student the master class for photography of Maix Mayer and Laurent Montaron
at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media in Venice. Constanze Kratzsch is a freelance artist.

Her work 'Beton Spiegel / Concret Mirror' has been collected by the Berlin Wall Foundation. (Germany)