Saba Hasan has made significant contributions in contemporary art and has successfully developed works across media like painting, photography, book installations, video and sound. She has been awarded the National Raza Award for painting in 2005 and international fellowships in art and culture from Syracuse University,USA, Ecole D’Arts Visuels, Lausanne, Switzerland, Fellowship from the French Cultural Ministry, Paris, the George Keyt Art Foundation Award, Sri Lanka, the Florence Biennale and the Oscar Kokoschka Academy in Austria. Saba’s art evokes the forces of time, nature and personal histories in a potent, nuanced voice.
The Imago Mundi Foundation showed her mixed media painting at the Venice Biennale in 2013 and her video has been nominated for the Celeste Art Prize 2014 to be shown in Milan. Saba series of videos and photographs reflecting the philosophy of Zen were presented in 2016 at the Tenshin Okakura gallery by the Japan foundationas. She continues to be active in art education and community projects and is working on sound and video projects based in Kashmir right now.