Andrea Radai

Suspense is a leitmotiv in my paintings.

The tension about 'things waiting to happen'. Especially the way it is generated, the psychological workings of anticipation and anxiety, related to our existential fears, political, sexual and social. This coexistence of contrasting emotional forces; the anticipation of something waiting to happen and, at the same time, the uncertainty whether anything is actually going to happen, is one of the defining features of my work. In painting I attempt to control the uncontrollable.

In my work, I am constantly searching for the form most closely related to what I am trying to express. Each image demands his own approach, each new painting has his own handwriting. The properties and limitations of the material are literally part of the work’s content. The material is a defining feature of the state of mind that the work reflects.

By involving the space in, and around my work, specially with the supersized Wallpapers and the tiny Souvenirs, I set out to create a functionally effective installation. Not just to define the painting's external boundaries, but to involve the viewer literally and figuratively in the work - to envelop him.

The viewer influenced by his own personal history relates to the particular reality of the painting, a reality not connected to a specific moment or event, but universal and timeless.