Liesbeth Marit (°1979) studied at Sint-Lukas (Brussels) and HISK (Ghent). Her works have been shown at the Centrale for Contemporary Art (Brussels), Vooruit (Ghent), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam) and Centrale Montemartini (Rome).

She was artist in residence at Recyclart, WIELS (Belgium) and Isola Comacina (Italy).

Originally she started painting at the Sint-Lukas University College Of Art and Design in Brussels.
With shots as tableaux vivants, this study remains visible.
Over the years her artistic output changed from the still images of paintings to spatial installations.

But now her focus has shifted towards film.

The films of Liesbeth Marit recall the inner world of the protagonist. She works with a stylized visual language, in an associative and enigmatic narrative style. In her latest production ‘YURI and the frustration of our ponies’ the spoken word and the story itself become more important.

The work of Marit presents itself primarily as a movement in-wards. How can we live as a free man in the present, when the past always rears its head. The past as an inner world that slips from disappearing to appearing. Watching is an introspective act. A mirror of genuine self-perception.