Shilo group was founded by Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, Serhiy Lebedynskyy and Vadym Trykoz in Sept. 2010.

As an engineer, a surgeon, a scientist we differ in our backgrounds and respectively apply diverse approaches and personal outlooks within common ideological domain challenging ourselves permanently. This is the very gist of the exciting nature of collaborative practice for us which helps our photography to employ an explosive mixture of visual expressiveness, rough unrestrained content and to certain extent boldness.
At the assemblage point all of us have been independently engaged in street photography for 2 to 3 years already. Sharing common ideological standpoints in photography, being young and self-taught we felt stuck in a big swamp of played out and constrained local photography environment.
Kharkiv school of photography emerged for us much later than the international scene. Our primary interest, which further on influenced our artistic oeuvre, has built up on the diaries of Yuri Rupin, who together with Evgeny Pavlov founded the photographic group “Vremya” (“Time”) in the late 70-s. The most known ex-member of “Vremya” is Boris Mikhailov, who has become a world acknowledged artist applying social documentary photography with particular Kharkiv touch and historical context of pre- and post-collapse time. The collapse of the Soviet union affected the scene severely: another outstanding Kharkiv photographic group “Gosprom” (late 80-s) collapsed, the most active and recognized artists left Ukraine, the other lied low and a typical for Kharkiv rushing photographic life has faced a standstill.

So as representatives of already new generation we believe that the decision to create a group, reconsider the heritage of Kharkiv school of photography, succeeding its strategies and developing a rather audacious language of our own has naturally appeared in the nick of time.

Our enthusiasm interwines with the lifestyle and is in a way bringing new awakening to the Ukrainian photography, to make it fame in the world.