The origins dell'AGAF (Grossetana Fine Arts Association) date from after the war, when artists in the area, founded a cultural center called "The Chimera."
Over the years he highlighted the need to establish a modern art gallery Grosseto, since 1983 La Chimera became the present Grossetana Fine Arts Association.
Many and important were the activities of the Association, remembers the show at Cassero Medici entitled "Artists Maremmani of the twentieth century", in January 1993, the exhibition in Montreuil-Paris-October 1994 "Europe des Arts" . Also on the quarterdeck Medici were organized in the years 1995-96 a provincial review of painting, sculpture and graphics "Dear Charles," and a prize for painting, fiction and poetry, "The spirit that gives life" in collaboration with the Diocese of Grosseto in 'year 1998. In 2001 was organized the traveling exhibition "Art in Motion" which reached the towns most representative of the Province of Grosseto. The Association Grossetana dlle Visual Arts, in collaboration with the field of Youth Policy of the Municipality of Grosseto, intends to promote the visual arts prize "Creatives Under 30".