Alìta studied Fine Arts in Macerata, in Rome and in Rennes, France.
She lived in Rome and in France and now in London for her job.
Photography for Alìta is a medium of expression to research the identity, often not well-defined and depicted as a spectre,or a ghost;figures hanging in a dimension with no time and no space.
This dimension is between reality and the unknown, and recalls the space of intimacy and memory, a place in the hidden psyche that for Alita only photography can catch it.

Photos Hantées is the most important project that shows the research of Alìta and collects lots of photos taken since 2000.
Hanter is a French verb with the same mean of To haunt in English and here is used in the exception of “to visit in the form of a ghost”, like “Haunted house”.
The photos are ‘haunted’ of something that we can’t see, but is there, is a presence-absence, it is the charm of Photography.