Name of art by Antonio Morsillo, Italian artist. Immersed since childhood in the world of drawing and graphics, his first publication Lupi dates back to 2002. In 2011 the artistic turning point: conceptual and pictorial. A personal style in which symbolic glimpses, present on canvases and inspired by the "Rorschach stains", stand out from the image represented and "pierce" it in depth. A deep study of the themes and characters treated is at the base of each of his works. Its urgency is to hand down the memory of those who gave their lives for noble ideals because they believe that art can and should make known some significant realities. The historian of the Ornella Ferrari art recalls, for him, the term Suridéalisme connoting it artistically. Morsillo addresses his themes in conferences, in schools, also making use of important collaborations such as: Angela Ales Bello, Raffaella Petrilli, Adriano Petta, David Grieco. The cultural and artistic baggage of Morsillo is the result of university studies in Literature, Librarianship and Philosophy combined with an illustrator's past that earned him the publication of many of his works on CD covers, books and magazines for Mina, Milva, Patty Pravo, Rector, Luigi Tenco and Renato Zero.