Villa R is a new private residency for artists in the city of Messina, in Sicily.
Both emergent and established artists working within the creative field, including visual arts, music, video, literature, performance, theatre, cinema, etc, without limitation of age, sex and nationality are encouraged to apply.
Since April 2013, the owners decided to offer most of the spaces of the villa to organize intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange with professionals such as residencies for artists. These activities especially aim at the creation / implementation of projects, artworks and ideas in a stimulating environment, in contact with other artists and with nature.
The villa offers a great view on the sea, valley and Eolie Islands. Artists have the possibility to work both in an atelier of 80 square meters, or outside on a space of about 2000 square meters directly in contact with the earth, without limits of dimentions and medias of work.
Next deadline is 20 of june for Autumn session (september-october)
The cost of the residency for each artist is 800€ per month. It is possible to rent the villa also in other months. For the summer period (July and August) the price is 100€ per night and 600€ per week (for 2 people).
Artists are welcome to involve sponsors or other public Organizations for finacial help to cover residency, travel, material for production etc.
How to apply:
- A cover letter that describes the purpose of your stay and which kind of work you wish to produce in relation to your career and/or personal development (pdf)
- Curriculum vitae that includes both professional and few basic biographic infos (pdf)
- 10 images of artworks in jpg (if you are a visual artist). One or more links to a webpage or other links that show your professional activity and former work.
Make sure to include your contact infos and preferred period of residency.
To see contact details to send the application please visit our webpage.
Documents can be written either in English or Italian.