When I gather all the years, the efforts, ideas, women, children, friendships, wars, emotions, canvases and colors, when I look at this bunch of stuff say: Move on. Build this mountain and go on. No matter what happens. You can see it as self-sacrifice, but the Art thing must flow, no matter what. This is the artistic self-control: to pull yourself together and carry on.

Oil paintings on canvas and wood, which had been developed in turbulent times of life. And finaly my art begins to develop itself. This continuous development is evident in different techniques and formats: dark, baroque and detailed Vanitas, as well as bloody and old-master biblical sceneries and white-black paintings ....

Sometimes I'm working with fine brushes, sometimes with pallete-knife or paint cutter, showing broad and stylish painting skills.

I urge the viewer to go into the deeper level of my works, and take a dialogue - even with their own images in mind. I have great respect for the unspeakable, but I still want to catch it. In this polarity lies the power of my images; they all point to an irrepressible vitality, despite all the hardship of personal story or turbulent way of life.